Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Three Blessings

Recently we've been busy... camp starting up... birthdays... visits from grandparents... potty training... community... sniffles and just life.

It amazes me how quickly they grow up as you live life day to day.
We let Addie fall asleep in our bed last night because we had friends over.
When Tim went to carry her upstairs he said, "My goodness, look how big she is!"
She won't be able to be carried to bed much longer, I fear. :-(

(Addie - 5th birthday... I asked her why she wasn't smiling and she said that this was a "five year old smile" I guess she thought it looked grown up???)

(Elias eating a cookie with his baby blues)

(Cora done eating a cookie... with the proof all over her face.)

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