Friday, May 21, 2010


So, recently God has shown me a few things... mainly how often I fail to listen to His voice. I think in all honesty when I hear those internal "promptings" I just think it is me and... it is craziness.

But, I've been reading my neighbor's blog - A Place Called Simplicity ... about learning to hear the voice of God. It has got me thinking about how I am just a big wimp and don't listen to the Lord well at all.

So earlier this week my family and I were down town at a local coffee shop. I went up to the counter and saw a face I sort of/maybe recognized. Internally I heard, "You should introduce yourself and ask her how you know her. You should know this girl." I thought, "Now, how in the world will I pull that off with out sounding like a fool." But, thought, "Well, here goes..."

Awkwardly, I said, "I think I am suppose to know you. How do I know you?" Great one, huh!

We figured out that she is friends with a few of our local staff (a friend of a friend). I got my coffee and life went on.

The next day we found out that one of our girl counselors had a difficult thing come up and it would be much better for her not to come this summer, both she and we were saddened and disappointed. But, I thought, "God knows... even if we don't."

My husband frantically started calling all the people he "goes to" when these sort of things happen... mainly our friend and pastor who is just about as connected in the town as it gets.
He threw us a couple of names... one we didn't know... "Jane Benson" (not her real name :0) and said he thought she would be perfect for the job and gave us her number.

Tim called her and said, "We'd love to meet you, I know I haven't. Could you swing by and have dinner tonight with us."

She said, "Sure, but you have met me. I talked to your wife at the coffee shop the other night."


God knew.
He knew even before we had the need.
And He had asked me to act on a prompting of His Spirit to "connect" the dots in this situation!

I can't say for sure if the girl will be joining us this summer, but it looks very promising!

But, God still knew and I know he was telling me to speak to this girl and proof that He knew.

How amazing is that!


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Great story. I think hearing others' experiences helps us all in our quest to learn how to listen. Thanks for sharing!