Saturday, April 10, 2010

Daily Conundrums

All day, every day I feel like I'm a bundle of conundrums... I have always dealt with trouble making up my mind... it takes me time. Don't even ask me where I'd like to go to dinner, there are just too many things that go into making that desicion... what others would like, what I really feel like, what is healthiest... etc...

But nearly daily these thoughts spin circles for me... the conundrums of my life... Let me explain.

All day I feel slightly tired, ready for a nap, yet THE minute my sweet little ones lay down for their nap I miss them. I want to get them out of bed to play and know them more. Bedtime is even worse. I really want "me time," but then after about an hour I am bored. I replay all the great parts of the day and miss my three.


Daily I think, "I am so content with our little family of three." But, then an hour later think, "No sweat, I want more... two or so... easy!" I can't seem to make up my mind. As if the fact I am content right now is making me want both more and to keep status quo... all at the very same time.

Edward DeBono (nope don't know who he is) said,

"If you never change your mind,
why have one?"

I really like it!

One thing I am sure of... no need to make my mind up on...

Daily I think, "I am SO BLESSED!" and "God is SO GOOD!" There is no confusion in my mind about this. Circumstantially, my life isn't always milk and honey. I have lots and lots of faults, but due to grace, I have a God who works through those imperfections and through His Spirit I experience His power.

Now, if I could only make my mind up on the little things... like dinner!

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...they call me mommy... said...

I understand this more than you know! (((HUGS)))