Saturday, February 21, 2009

Things You Would Never Think You Would Say

I was thinking of all the funny things we say as parents that seem quite normal at the time, but really strange in reality. Here are a few...

"Addie don't lick the window."
"Addie don't lick the table." 
"Addie don't lick the baby."
"Addie don't lick the floor!!!"
"Stop playing in the toilet."
"What are you feeding your brother?"
"Stop walking on the table."
"Don't eat your booger!"
"Don't touch your poop!"
"Don't eat the crayon!"
"Don't stick the crayon in your nose."
"Don't wipe your nose on my hand."
"Stop hugging your brother." (As she chokes him)

I am sure that there will be stranger things I say in my life.

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Megan said...

I love these, Marci! I am going to keep a little notepad for some of the crazy, awful, "motherish" things I say...what will it be today?