Monday, January 19, 2009

My Grandma, Cloth and Ponderings

Marci Ann, Cora Anne, and Jean Anne

Cora in a Thirsties Cover

Recently while visiting my parents I took along a small stash of cloth diapers because Cora has a tendency to wet through disposables at night time.  One night I was getting Cora diapered and dressed for bed when my 86 year old grandma took an interest in what I was doing. In fact, I am not sure she knew I was using cloth diapers until I explained what I was doing. I got to thinking that surely the trim, colorful and clothy covers must look very different from the rubber pants she told me they had to use, but caused horribly irritated rashes on the legs. She marveled at the genius of the snappy that replaced the dangerous pins that she told me she poked my dad with on more than one occasion. She was dumb struck when I told her about the wonders of one-sized diapers that could fit both Cora and Elias. She told how she had the nicest diapers of any one she knew because her grandmother made them out of several layers of flannel and they were so soft on her babies skin. 
All of this got me to thinking that my generation wasn't only the first to wear paper diapers, but so far, the only one. It am kind of proud that my children can wear cloth, and I take joy that using cloth has gotten only easier. I wonder what is next...we can only hope, diapers that wash and fold themselves?

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