Saturday, January 31, 2009

Fleece Diaper Covers

Recently I sewed up 8 fleece diaper covers. Fleece is known for being a good night time cover because it is very water proof, but also breathable.  After three nights use I have found this to be true. It even lasted out Elias with no leaking or wicking.  I was able to make about 3 covers from 1/2 yard fleece. I got the fleece for 40% off at Joann's, so each cover cost about $3. Very affordable for something that works so well! Plus, the cute fleece prints look absolutely adorable!
I got the pattern from this site: Free Fleece Soaker Pattern
The sewing was very easy to do and because it is fleece the raw edges don't matter and there is no need to serge the edges.

Here is a cover I made for Cora.

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Lisa said...

Oh so adorable! I think I will look into making some for Isaac. Thanks for the link. Cora is adorble!