Friday, August 8, 2008

Cloth Diapering...My Method

What Products I Use:
I use a combination of prefolds and inserts for diapers (the absorbent part). For covers I use both pocket diapers (with inserts), pull on pants "plastic pants" and wrap covers. I guess I like to mix it up and see the benefit of all. I don't use wool covers...I can't get over the price. I honestly like the cheapest covers the best, the pull on pants are $6 and NEVER leak, they are trim with clothes on and fit for a long time. I am contemplating getting the fancy Bumgenius one size fits all diapers as they benefit of long time use intrigues me, but $17 is still hard for me to swallow. I guess I feel like...what is a diaper... it catches poop or potty, how much should that really cost...and I don't need a bunch of darling prints and fuzzy material to get the job done.

Dealing With Dirty Business:
When I change diapers I use a spray bottle with a solution of water, aloe, oil and mild baby soap. I don't have standard recipe, just a squirt of this and that I shake up in the bottle. It is fun to experiment with different oils and ingredients. For newborns I just use plain water. My wipes are a combination of baby wash rags and homemade flannel wipes.

I deal with dirty or poopy diapers by flipping as much of the poop into the toilet. I keep a plastic spatula under my bathroom sink and scrap really sticky poop off with that. I don't dunk, swish or soak diapers in the toilet as I think it actually makes a bigger mess.

I put both wet and dirty diapers in a tall step lid trash can. I have 2 diaper pail sacks/liners, but I am not sure they are essential to have.

How I Wash:
I am so blessed to have a new front loading washer and dryer. It has a "Sanitize" cycle that has extra rinses and you can adjust the settings. But, typically I would do a short soak cycle, wash on hot/cold, and do an extra rinse. I have never had a problem with odors or them not getting clean enough. I dry everything, however, I am not sure everyone would recommend drying the covers. I wash a load of diapers 2 to 3 times a week. I use to do a small load every day, but that was because I didn't have many diapers.

Other Info:
I don't use cloth on Sundays. I would like to say that it is because I am really spiritual and good at keeping the Sabbath, but really, I just don't know how to make it work when we are out of the house much of that day and at times my baby is in a nursery. It is just too complicated to try to do on a day where my focus is on other things.
I do use cloth at night and have had very few problems with leaking. I use a prefold with pins or snappy, an extra hemp insert and a fleece liner and cover it all with a pull on cover.

Pros to Using Cloth:
- I don't have to run to the store to get diapers when I run out, just pop them into the washer and I'm set!
- I feel a sense of accomplishment, that I am saving and using our money well and that I am not adding to an environment problem.
- That I don't have to buy wipes too.
- That a clothed bottom looks so cute!

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