Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ergo Carrier Over Haul

I have enjoyed and regularly used my Ergo baby carrier for 3 years now. It is one of the only baby products that I am not sure I could live with out.  I bought mine used on Ebay, it is the older model and even when I got it, it was a bit faded. I purchased it for $60 as opposed to the the regular $98.  However, all my friends are getting the nice, new models and my blue eyes are turning green.  With the arrival of this new baby I was tempted to buy a new Ergo since I use it so much.  I also really think the beco carriers are cute with their stylish material. I want the best of both...That is when I happened upon this website: make-baby-stuff.com  On it, there is a complete tutorial of how to remodel your old ergo!  It was just want I wanted. Here are the steps involved:- Remove the old pocket
- Bleach or strip the color from your carrier
- Dye it a new or darker color
- Add a new and fun pocket

Here is after the pocket removal and one try at dyeing.  It took dyeing it 3 times to get the color right, but it is perfect now!
Drum roll please! Here is the results!
The best part is, that I got a "new" carrier for just under $15 (the price of material and dye). 


Janice Lois said...

I too love Ergo baby carriers..they are extremely comfortable..its a perfect solution for my baby..

dirtydiaperlaundry.com said...

that looks great! I hate the forest green hood on mine, which I bought used. Mine is black also but very faded. good job!


Cara said...

just stumbled upon your blog googling "dyed ergo" and was wondering if you used the exact dye she had recommended on her site or if you used something else? have you noticed any color rubbing off on yours or your kids clothes? thanks!

Marci said...

I ended up using a good quality dye from a tie dye company... Rit just didn't cut it! The dye I used has only minimally faded... and we have had NO issue with it rubbing off at all.