Saturday, June 28, 2008

About Baby #3

We are almost to the 3rd trimester with this new sweet baby.  It has gone by so quickly, I think in part to the fact that I am so busy with the other two. Our estimated due date is October 5th, but I bet it will be sooner than that because I have measured 2 weeks ahead for 3 months now and the ultrasound put the due date at about September 25th.  So, who knows when this little one will make their grand entrance?  We are planning a home birth with 2 great midwives. One has been catching babies for over 25 years and the other about half that long.  It will just be nice to be able to stay in bed. I was thinking that I need to get bags packed and such, but really I don't need worry too much about that (perhaps a small bag in case we end up having to go the hospital).  
We had an ultrasound a few weeks ago, didn't find out the gender, but have a hunch that it is a girl. Either way, we will be thrilled!  Some of the names on our list are: Cora, Naomi, Selah, Laurelle, Nora, and Rose and for a boy perhaps, Christian, Jude, Reed, Hudson, Isaac or Caedmon. Really, we haven't talked much at all about it.  Choosing names is really hard for us. It will be interesting to see what Tim thinks later on. 
I am also trying to get a little layette put together, mainly things I just want for the baby that I can make. So far this is what I have gotten finished:
- knitted striped girls hat
- knitted solid color girls hat
- felted booties for girl
- felted mary janes for girl
- a ring sling
- a nursing cover
- cloth baby wipes
- cloth diaper pail liner

What I need to finish:
- knitted boy hat (2)
- knitted boy booties, felted (1 pair)
- baby blanket (one for boy, one for girl)

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