Saturday, September 3, 2016

Random Thoughts from Our Trip

If you have 6 kids and a pregnant belly you get stared at just as much in Salt Lake City as you do any other place. For real... I was so hopeful and then so bummed. 

People who ask "when are you due" are really just curious why your bump is sticking out so far and want an reasonable explanation to quench their curiousity... (((But they are really curious if it's twins but won't ask)))

If you are waiting in line and feel the need to tell me you had twins (only) and then follow it with "we had hired help because twins cry at the same time..." I will lose desire to listen to you any more. 

When living in suburbia why is it that people have a dog and let it stay outside all night barking it's head off keeping everyone else awake? What's the point in that?

Sleeping in a queen bed after having a king bed is a real struggle... First world problem to the max! 

Pita Pit is a win in my book. I generally avoid eating establishments that have "pit" in the name... But it was nice and surprisingly fresh when you are on the road. 

If you leave your dairy goat at home you will still worry about her supply even with a hired goat milker to tend her.

When driving from Spokane to Salt Lake City in one days time the only obvious way to end that day is to go pick up French fries from In and Out and then drive to go get chicken sandwiches from Chick Fil A... Obviously, the best way to end that day! 

Butte, MT is pretty cool. Wish we had more time to dilly dally. But above is Spokane Falls and it's cool too!

If you stop to eat in Moab stop at Sweet Cravings Bistro and Bakery... It won't look like much, but the food is great and the owner came over and saw we only had three little (complimentary) brownies and she returned with enough for everyone to have their own! ❤️ How kind and thoughtful is that? 

Lastly, when getting a suite for you and your large family that has two queen beds, a pull out couch, love seat and a crib. You will naturally arrange beds as follows... make a big bed on the floor for two kids out of the couch cushions (ask for extra sheets and blankets) have one child sleep on the love seat, two will be on the pull out bed/couch and one in the crib and... mom and dad will each sleep in their own queen bed... And not feel the slightest bit of remorse over it! 

And yes... We spent a better portion of our "vacation" remodeling the basement where my mother and father (in law) live and fortifying the rickety back deck... But it was a sweet and good time! We Thankf God for time to spend with family and make more memories even if some are sad ones. 

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