Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A Christmas Card

I got a Christmas card yesterday. 

One that made me gasp, breath pulled from my lungs and tears well up to brimming.

Just look!

Last year................................This year!

My little buddy Ezra Bulaguhare is growing up.

His letter contained a picture he drew of his hand traced and nails drawn in.
It said, "The beautiful hand of baby Ezra."
I love little boy hands... dirty and yet so sweet.

I must confess when I think of him I see that baby. 
Baby no longer. Baby fat is vanishing. 
Eyes are bright and with out fear! Smart... as in Ugandan smartly dressed!
He's a scholar now in three piece suit.

This is why family preservation should be given more funding than institutions. 
Children grow up in families! They have aunts or grandmas or parents who are supported in the task of raising them, feeding them, educating them! Interestingly enough many children are place in institutions, even though they have family, so that they can care for their needs like schooling. This is a tragedy! Families can do far more than institutions can. We believe in families!

Merry Christmas sweet big boy Ezra!

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