Monday, October 6, 2014

What's Going On Here...

I thought about trying to start up school today... then I thought again and said "no". Best choice ever!

I injured my neck and shoulder nursing the baby... lame, I know! It hurts. I am losing sleep over it... not the baby! So SO stupid!

I took a 2 hour nap today.

We are having our first overnight trip for homeschoolers with Colorado Outdoor Learning School!

My husband is amazing. Love him more and more every day!

Whitley may be the easiest baby on the planet. She is sweetness packaged up in a little bundle! I smell her head way too much.

Whitley got her first bath tonight... in the big tub, with me... it was like the womb. She LOVED it!

Tomorrow might be the end of me... midwife, dance class for Addie, shopping and then going to get my shoulder worked on... then home. Awk! I haven't even driven a care since having Whitley... or put her in her carseat!!! Pray for us!

It is strangely satisfying swaddling a baby, it's like the origami of motherhood.

So is nursing a baby and hearing them chug down milk... so satisfying.

Addie is my lifesaver. She is such a sweet little girl with a heart to serve others!

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