Sunday, May 5, 2013

Addie Ruth is Eight!


How did you get so big?
Just eight years ago you entered this side of the world and change my life!
You were fussy, demanding and cute as a button!

You've always been a leader, a driver and definer of what is around you. You are thoughtful, compassionate and always ready to give grace. You are a girl who seeks the Lord and His ways! You love to give gifts, words of love and to take time to pray for others. You see when people around you are struggling and you can admit when you are too. Addie you are a treasure!

Recently you told me, "Mom, I can see God working in my life to change me. Remember I used to be so sinful! I'd sneak and lie and not even feel bad about it. Now I feel bad and I come to you when I feel tempted! I know that isn't me, that is God's Spirit in me!"

Yes, it sure is!

You understand who you are and what you need help with. You are brave and fun and strong. You are feminine and girly with dirt on your nose. You know how to roll up your sleeves and help your dad hammer nails. You are the one right there picking your baby sister out of the dirt and loving and calming her down!

I am so proud of you and who you are becoming!

You are 8 years old!!! You are HUGE! No more car seats boosters and you get to watch Star Wars!!!

Love you so much, my right hand girl!

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