Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Lost and Now Found

I lost these photos, well, really they were just misplaced, but they were lost to me for months and this week I made it my mission to find them... if they still exsisted.
On Monday I sat down in tears after literally (well not really) tearing apart my computer and 2 back up drives! I was certain they were gone.
Today I was packing up an computer we are donating to someone and this thought occured to me, "Just look here..." I did, and they were literally THE only file remaining on the computer.
How amazing is that?

So hope you enjoy.
I sure did.
Some sweet moments captured.

My first day in country, pick up Thea, go to court. Got to hit that ground runnin'!
Here is our daughter's nanny, who loved her dearly.

Miss Thea, our first night ever together.

The kids at the home.

Ruling... getting our verbal that Thea is ours!

All dressed up!

Miss cutie with her yarn extensions.

Thea with her adoptive Jaja... Allan's grandma.

Very little kiddos walking home from school.

Thea's nanny saying goodbye.

Our last visit to the baby home for a little party.

One of the ever ready reminders of God's presence along the way.

A school.

Me and my good friend at Bujagali Falls on the Nile.

Chicken on a stick, with a sleeping baby. Really... very good!

Kids who live at a school/orphanage pointing at me the mzungu!

A very lovely woman riding in traditional fashion on a boda boda.

Another sign... "All things work together for good."

Tea fields.

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