Saturday, October 8, 2011

God Knew We Needed You!

On 10-09-08 God gave me one of the best gifts I never knew I needed.
My daughter Cora Anne.

She surprised us, and continues to surprise us every day we know her.
I love surprises!

Here is my letter to Cora on her 3rd Birthday...

Dear Cora Anne,

Happy 3rd birthday sweet girl! Do you know how much mommy loves you? I enjoy being your mommy so much. Every day is an adventure with you! You are such a sweet, funny, joyful and adventurous person! I love to see how you are exactly who God made you to be!

Your name means so much to mommy, because it shows me how faithful and gracious God has been and is to me! But more than that you are becoming a girl that lives up to her name, "full-hearted" and "gracious"!

I love to see you tell your new brother "good job"... you are so encouraging and loving with others! I love to see you and Addie play and be sisters together... she is a great gift to you. And I love to see you and Elias be friends and learn to love each other. I am also loving having you be a big enough girl to join in school! You have such good thoughts! I love how you draw and come up with amazing adventure stories in your journal! You are so creative!

Thank you for still cuddling mommy, tickling my nose with your blankey and for always showing your feelings on your face. It makes my day!

I am so so so very thankful God gave us a girl exactly like you, when He did, and that you've always surprised us in such delightful ways!

Know I love you with out end!


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