Saturday, January 15, 2011

Project Organization

It's that time again... time to re-organize!
(Written very sarcastically).

Some good friends and I met to talk shop... home school, family, home making.
We talked about organizational tips.

Now I've decided my WHOLE house needs to be organized.
Well, most of it...

Spare room... this is a huge one... I admit, my "craft" closet is really my "shove" it spot.
Bathrooms de-cluttered
Laundry room
Kitchen - done
Master - done
Master closet
Elias/Cora closet - done
Home school room - done (not needing to be done)
Addie's room
The Dreaded Attic... I may start to feel short of breath at the thought
Medicines moved and gone through
Hall closet - done (Tim actually did this ;-)
Dinning Hutch/crafts
And Books gone through
Cradle moved into attic

Wowzer! This is a HUGE amount of work... but with the advice of my friends I am trying Fly Lady.

I also need to find homes for these items...
(Looking for a fair price)

- A large amount of fabric... retro, vintage and a hodge-podge of swatches
- Scrapbooking supplies
- A roll of batting
- 3-5 yards of cool pink and gold retro looking fabric... it is cool stuff for girls!
- A bike trainer (if my hubby will part with it)
There's probably lots more and we may just have a garage sale.

So here goes! I'll be posting each day what I get done.

Today's accomplishments...

Organized and de-cluttered Elias/Cora's Closet
De-cluttered kids book shelf
Got bed moved into master (don't ask, it is a long story, but we've slept in our spare room for over a month.)

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...they call me mommy... said...

How cool, Marci!!! Great job already! I love getting stuff purged and organized!!!