Saturday, October 9, 2010

Cora is Two!

Two years ago at this time I was relaxing holding one of the sweetest little loves of my life. Cora has about the coolest birthdays around... 10-9-08. She had to out do her sister who is 5-3-05.

My first thoughts at seeing Cora...
"Praise the Lord, that is finally over!!!"
(Cora was my longest, hardest and most discouraging labor.)

"Who's child is this!?!"
(I didn't expect to get a dark haired, skinned (dark for us) and eyed child.)

"Is is a boy or a girl?"
(Seriously, I couldn't tell from her face, but didn't think to look at the part that would tell me.)

Cora 1 Year Old

Cora 2 Years Old!

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Julianna said...

Happy Birthday Cora!