Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tea Centerpieces

Last week we had our end of the year MOPS... our theme was Tea and Testimonies.

On steering I am one of 2 hospitality ladies. Among other things my job is centerpieces... which funny enough aren't really "my thing." But I've enjoyed it and gotten better at it.

I totally started to panic about the "Tea" centerpieces though... it had to be special and "teaish".
Plus, I am not very gifted in the art of flower arrangement, so I've been fearful of making the centerpieces out of flowers.

Then I had an epiphany... a flower arrangement in a tea cup. I hesitatingly committed to venturing out into flower arranging. Now after looking into this, I found this wasn't that uncommon and I found lots of examples. But the general effect on the tables at MOPS was lovely.

A week later the flowers are going strong!

I wanted to capture them before they fade away.

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