Sunday, July 29, 2007

Cup Holders

I have been slowly savoring a book for about 3 months now. It is called "Jesus Centered Youth Ministry." I are saying, "What is a stay at home mom doing reading a book on youth ministry?" Well, it was given to me with highest regards and I trust the person's opinion so I gave it a stab. It didn't take me long to realize that the author cut straight to the point; that our faith is a sham with out knowing the true and complete person on Jesus. With out him, his death and resurrection we have nothing more than a religion, but with him we have faith, relationship and most importantly salvation. He likened it to searching for a new car, only to get all hot and bothered over the cup holders and forgetting that the car was missing a drive train! I do get all excited over the "cup holders" in my life, my faith and about Jesus. And because of this I miss the "drive train," the true and unwavering essence of the REAL Jesus. That he was completely and utterly counter culture at his time, and for ours too. I am ashamed to say that I am one of those horrible Christians that if I had met Jesus today, I would have probably scoffed and thought he was a wacko. I have been reading the gospels in a search to discover the real Jesus. The Jesus that called church leaders names, that broke the rules, that talked to the outcasts, that didn't "keep" the sabbath, that stole away to be with his Father every chance he got, that flipped his religion on its head and redefined it all and that told people the past and the future about their lives. My first thought at reading much of this all over again, examining it, is, "What must have people thought of him? How amazing it is that they believed, trusted and followed him!" I have a much greater appreciation for the disciples and that they doubted him, for I know I would have too. But most of all, I am in prayer that the Lord would make me a "new creation, that the new would come and the old would pass away," in me. That I would know Jesus fully and utterly and become more like him, less like myself. That I can be more of Jesus to those around me than I can be on my own. Most of all I pray that the "cup holders" in life would loose their flare and that I could become passionate about the "drive trains" of this amazing thing called faith in Christ!

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