Sunday, June 17, 2007

A Hard Good Week

Last week was a difficult week for me. I taught the evening Bible lessons for 30 eight to eleven year olds at our camp for underpriviledged youth. They are AMAZING girls! It was a great experience, but yet very very growth producing! I had a lot of trouble the week before getting my thoughts together on what I would teach. I was struggling with the Lord and with not feeling a response or direction from Him. As mentioned below, I have been experiencing a lot of growth, which means a lot of trials along with it...back to teaching.
It was one of the most challenging teaching experiences I have ever had! Not only were the girls very inattentive, but I had a lot of trouble teaching. Ugh... It was hard. The last two nights were better, but it was still very hard. I know one night two 10 year olds were laughing at me because I kept saying "um." They were probably counting how many times I said it!!! LOL! My mind was just not focusing easily.
Not only that, but Tim and I were going through some good, but hard times in refocusing our relationship and direction as a family. Our priorities are just a bit out of whack, we are not being intentional about much of anything.
In all of this I praise the Lord! It has caused me to really need Him, seek Him and desire to know Him more. It has cause me to see myself as I really am and Jesus for who He really is! Even the teaching faux pause (how is that spelled???) were of value, in that Tim really helped me to learn and grow through it, I leaned on him a ton! I am just glad that week is over!!!

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