Thursday, July 31, 2014

I've come to a few realizations, recently...

~ There are a several things I have left to do in regard to nesting... none of them I can do on my own... I need help!

~ I have given up on pants. I doubt I will put on another pair of them for the next 6 (or sadly more) weeks until this baby arrives... they just aren't worth it any longer!

~ To say that, I will be wearing something... in the form of a skirt or maybe yoga pants, which I've never really counted as real pants because they are PAJAMAS or workout clothes... not pants. But alas, they shall have to do!

~ I am very round. Not fat. Not HUGE. Just very very basketball... watermelonish round. Which really feels the same as fat and HUGE. But doesn't look it so much. In fact, it looks much more freakish than if I just looked big...

~ From the back I look normal. Bonus!

~ I am also giving up on any shoes that aren't chacos or slip ons.

~ I am making my children... and shamefully our counseling staff, pick up things for me. It sounds like this, "Hey Turner (a male staff) I am not picking that up... sorry." (Shrug) Yeah, not really ashamed... they are all pretty accommodating too!

~ I base most of our outings on the following criteria: Is there easy to access bathrooms? Will the road be bumpy? Will it be too hot there? Will I have to sit very long and if so are the seats comfortable? Will I have to stand very long? Does it require me to have to talk to many people who might ask me annoy questions or be intrusive?

~ I realized the other day that the above qualifications pretty much rule out church...

~ Strangers have started saying I'm "a trooper" and giving me double takes... like they can't believe someone could be "that pregnant" or perhaps they fear I might ruin their dinners if my waters break spontaneously.

~ I internally cringe every time someone asks "How much longer do you have?" I contemplate lying and saying something much less than the six weeks (or more) that I know I truly have.

~ Then with out fail people ask, "Is this your first?"... to which I usually laugh... and say "Nope." and hope they don't ask anything else... Then they always do.

~ I am learning that counting the days down is not a good idea... it always seems very very far away no matter how you look at it.

~ I am ignoring the fact I have gone 12 and 9 days overdue in the past... that fact just flat out doesn't exist right now!

~ We still have no crib set up, no car seat, and all the other things most parents acquire and set up weeks prior to having a baby... and quite honestly this time around I am not a bit worried about it. What does a baby really need any way?

~ I am kind of becoming obsessive with cleaning in places I normally would never think to clean. I realized this while I was washing a wall. A week ago that wall looked perfectly clean, while cleaning it I realized (as the scales fell from my eyes) that it was filthy and bio-harzardous!

~ I've obsessed for days about what might be lurking under my bed and couches... I've tried, to no avail, to figure out a way I could move our king sized bed by myself... even thinking if maybe I got all our children involved we could used leverage to our advantage. The bed has stayed in place, only because I know my husband would be seriously displeased if it was moved...

~ Then I think again that I really don't want my baby being born on a bed where possible dust bunnies reside under it... paranoid!

~ My role of mothering 6 children has already started... I came to this conclusion as I got up one night at about 3 am to walk around to "rock" her back to sleep because she was keeping me up with her kicking and wiggling.

That's where things are at right now... Ready, but waiting.

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